Let's Rewild the Earth with NFTs

Rewilder is a crypto-native non-profit that coordinates the global purchase of land for wildlife conservation.

How it Works


NFT Issuance

We are currently conducting our first fundraising experiment. Each donation creates a unique NFT.


Land Purchase

All funds raised will be pooled together to purchase land for passive rewilding at the best rates we can find.


Receive Updates

We'll create one unique NFT per donor, which receives periodic updates about the land they helped purchase.

Track your donation with a unique NFT

Once the land is purchased by our recently established foundation, we'll virtually divide the property according to the share of the total money contributed. Each NFT will be updated after the land purchase to contain information on a specific parcel inside the purchased land and an update feed.

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Tier: Sequoia

Rewilder Edition 001

Buritis, Rondônia, Brazil
-10.071886245, -63.96347546
24,000.00 DAI.

12.57% of land




Aug 15, 2022 -$1,500 for July Ranger Payroll.
Aug 05, 2022Best of Trail Camera from June
Aug 03, 2022+$200 from Aave interest

The dawn of crypto-native non-profits

We believe that blockchain technology is changing how people align interests and resources behind global movements. Rewilder is crypto-native:

  • 100% of funds raised in crypto and kept in crypto (multisig contract). No bank account.
  • Endowment fund to safeguard value of donations and maintenance costs will be 100% on-chain and invest on-chain only in low-risk DeFi projects.
  • Legacy world non-profit entity (501c3 based in Miami, Florida) will act as a proxy to the traditional legal system (to own the lands and keys to funds).
  • NFT-based transparency tool to track exactly how money is used.


Why are you doing this?

We're all kind of scared that we might not make it as a species past this century, given the rate at which we're destroying our home planet. As humanity creates the technology to expand life in space, we need to slow down the destruction of Earth. Nation-states are not the right technology to solve global problems. We should stop counting on slow-paced, fragmented bureaucracies to coordinate policies effectively at a worldwide scale. Blockchain is a great technology to quickly coordinate people globally and have transparency on governance and the use of funds. More info on the motivation here.

Who is this for?

If you'd like to contribute to preserving the wild side of Earth and delaying some of the negative effects of human growth on the biosphere... If you think nonprofits and charities should level up 10x their transparency and tech stack... If you thought about buying land for conservation on your own and would like to team up... If you made wild gains with your crypto investments and would like to give back to nature... Rewilder is for you!

How much can I donate to participate?

Each donation creates a unique NFT. All funds raised will be pooled together to purchase land for rewilding at the best rates we can find. Our current best estimates say that donating the equivalent of ~$3000 USD in ETH will help add ~1 acre (~0.4 hectares) of wildland and fund the future maintenance costs to our first rewilding project. This fact, added to marginal costs of providing updates in the future, is why we require this as the minimum ETH donation value in this campaign.

Will buying an NFT give me any rights to the land?

No. Donations are non-refundable contributions to the Rewilder Foundation, which will use the money to fulfill its rewilding mission on your behalf. Land will be legally owned by the foundation. If you're uncomfortable with this, you can always pursue your own private rewilding projects. We're just offering a way to externalize the operational hassle of purchasing and maintaining land to people aligned with the rewilding cause.

How will you choose where to buy land?

We're working with biodiversity conservation experts in different parts of the globe to assess the biggest rewilding opportunities worldwide. Given this is only our first experiment, we want to take it slow and go with a safe bet. We want Rewilder to grow organically and build a community around it, not merely maximize the impact today. Future fundraising efforts will probably have locations predetermined, but for our first one, the location will be determined after the donation campaign.

What's the governance model?

The Rewilder Foundation currently has three directors (Manuel Araoz, Mat Travizano, Juan Trouilh) and decisions are made by majority voting. We also have a group of advisors with experience in rewilding, crypto, and nonprofits. Our plan is to experiment with blockchain-based governance in the future, integrating our community into decision-making via their ownership of donation NFTs. However, for now, all decisions are made by the foundation's directors and they have ultimate authority to use contributions made to Rewilder Foundation at their discretion for purposes consistent with its exempt purposes.

How will you deal with the carbon footprint of using blockchain and NFTs?

We will offset the estimated carbon footprint of all donation and NFT creation transactions using Creol.io. Our current best estimate is that the cost of offsetting the carbon footprint will be less than $5,000 USD (More likely ~$2,000). We're looking for carbon donors! If your organization wants to partner with Rewilder and donate the carbon offset cost, send us an email to partners@rewilder.xyz to know more.

How will the recurring land maintenance costs be covered?

Smart question! See below.

How will the funds be used?

All fund movements will be on-chain, and we'll build a transparency tool so that donors can account for every cent spent. We'll strive to use the vast majority of funds just to purchase land. However, part of the money donated will be kept in a crypto endowment fund to pay for basic recurring costs (ranger/security payroll, taxes, and other maintenance fees). None of the people currently working on the project are receiving or will receive any monetary compensation. The initial project setup costs are being covered via private donations.

  • No management fees.
  • No conservationists will be hired.
  • No wildlife species reintroduction active efforts.
  • No active projects of any kind, just passive protection.
  • No bank account fees.
  • No lawyer fees.
  • Purchase of land for passive rewilding.
  • Invest in low risk DeFi for endowment.
  • Pay taxes and security fees.
Who is behind this project?

In chronological order, Manuel Araoz, Malena Araoz, Agostina Blanco (@deadpine_xyz), Mat Travizano, Juan Trouilh, Matias Konstandt, Agus di Luciano, Juan Catalano, Simon Wong, Sofi Vissani, Leo Arias (@yoelopio) with the advice of Matty (@DCLBlogger), Martin Wainstein, Franco Zeoli, Martin Tellechea, Ale Santander (@the_ethernaut), Fran Giordano (@frangio), Patricio Palladino (@alcuadrado), Igor Yalovoy, Ramon Recuero.

If you'd like to be part of the team or contribute with your time to Rewilder, send us an email to contact@rewilder.xyz.

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